Regional Tariff System

Remuneration for reporters

Regional Tariff System

ServiceReporting Tariff
Plain Film (1-2 view)£3.00
Plain Film (>2 views)£5.50
CT band 1 / single£25.00
CT band 2 / 2 area†£36.00
CT band 3 / 3 area†£47.00
CT band 4 / 4 area† / complex study£55.00
MR band 1 / single£25.00
MR band 2 / 2 area†£36.00
MR band 3 / 3 area†£47.00
MR band 4 / 4 area† / complex study£55.00

† Contiguous or overlapping areas in same acquisition i.e. abdomen and pelvis

Full detailed tariff table with NICIP code mappings to explain how we measure

Body Parts

The Regional Tariff System avoids the terminology body parts due to the inherent confusion it causes. A system of banding is used which may encompass number of implicit body areas as well as other factors such as complexity and specialisation in reporting an examination.

Special Interest Groups are the expert advisors tasked to work with the YIC management team in the creation and maintenance of pricing bands. If they consider the price band currently rated for a procedure to be a mismatch to the actual level of complexity and time required for the task. This claim will also be measured against the average reporting time for the activity based on data from our business intelligence software.

Review Process

Tariffs are reconsidered on a financial quarter basis and may be adjusted based on market rates, equivalent private outsourcing prices and the total examination value.

When a study is considered for price re-banding, an evaluation will be carried out taking into account:

  • Median time taken to report (business intelligence data)
  • Use of contrast, multiple sequences or phases
  • Median number of images in study
  • Distinct body areas covered
  • Mandatory measurements and metrics


Comparison to prior imaging is part and parcel of the act of modern radiological interpretation and reporting. However, we would acknowledge that some examinations necessitate comparison of more images than others and may therefore take longer. It would be our recommendation that studies of this nature and complexity are better carried out during scheduled, contractual reporting sessions. Time on task will be monitored by our business intelligence unit to provide supporting evidence for fair banding of studies.

Need to discuss the Regional Tariff System?

The best way to get involved with tariff development in your area is to join your Special Interest Group.

You can also send us a message if you need to speak to a member of the YIC Core Team.

Author: Dr Daniel Fascia
Page last reviewed: 15th November 2022
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