Remote workstation setup guide

Setting up your Yorkshire Imaging Collaborative (YIC) remote reporting workstation should be fairly straightforward for most users, similar to getting a new home computer. This short guide will also help you to setup the correct environment.

Setup video tutorial

Watching this video is the recommended way to learn how to setup your remote reporting equipment supplied by YIC. It will also help you to choose the right location and understand what environment optimisations are advisable for radiology reporting.


Your remote reporting equipment is owned by your NHS Trust. It is on loan to you for the purposes of remote working.

Please remember that when you accept a YIC remote reporting station you are taking possession of a very expensive set of equipment for which you become the responsible custodian.

It is your responsibility to take care of it with the following measures:

  • Select a safe, well secured environment
  • Reduce human damage factors such as pets, children, food and drink
  • Add expensive equipment as named items to your home insurance
  • You will be responsible for the replacement of any broken equipment either via insurance or our of pocket

Need help setting up your kit?

If you require additional help to set up your remote reporting equipment, it is the responsibility of your trust to offer such assistance.

Damage or Replacement

Any damaged equipment or items needing replacement should be reported to your trust. YIC do not provide repair or replacement of the remote workstation equipment.

Author: Dan Fascia
Page last reviewed: 7th June 2022
Next review due: 7th June 2022