Technology for remote work

Remote workstations

To suport the delivery of the wider sharing and reporting capability we’re investing heavily to support radiologists and reporting radiographers to utilise this technology from home. Home working stations are being provisioned to as part of the programme and will be delivered to reporters as we progress through the programme.

To support radiologists and reporting radiographers the following guides have been created to support the installation of this hardware at home

Quality Assurance

The diagnostic monitors provided with the home working stations are self-calibrating. Calibration is automatically checked daily and any issues found are reported centrally to Barco who monitor our devices remotely.

Maintenance of the software and network connection is the responsibility of the Trust.

Hardware Support

Platinum support agreements are in place with our hardware providers to repair damaged equipment. Please contact the YIC insource team for details.

Reporting of issues should be raised by end users via their radiology support (i.e. PACS manager or radiology IT) who will be able to contact YIC.

Author: Dan Fascia
Page last reviewed: 7th June 2022
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