Artificial Intelligence

Our AI programme aims to augment the safety, speed and accuracy of our radiologists. By researching, developing and adopting smart image processing, data analytics and workflow algorithms with our AI partners we place ourselves at the forefront of contemporary radiology.

Group Membership

Daniel Fascia (Lead)


Protocol Test

Our AI Vision

Radiology is on the cusp of a computational science revolution which stands to change every step of the medical imaging pipeline. From the point of requesting a study through to the point of result delivery and onward action, smart tools stand to improve our processes if designed and integrated properly.

Yorkshire Imaging Collaborative have taken a different approach to this journey to many early adopters.

We have focussed heavily on laying the groundworks and regional infrastructure to produce a fertile and productive environment for artificial intelligence research and development. We have taken this approach avoiding early industry partnerships and one-off integrations in order to produce a combined academic and technology sandbox capable of supporting a wide range of studies and translational use cases.

This facility benefits from the large 4-million patient population served by Yorkshire Imaging Collaborative which is continuously centrally indexed by our regional network solution.

In December 2019 we established an academic partnership with The University of Leeds department of Computational Science.

The University of Leeds