2022 Autumn Chest Group Meeting

15 September 2022 10:0011:00 (1 hour)


This is what we are going to discuss in the meeting

  1. Lung scanning protocols for agreement (produced in smaller working group)
  2. Next steps for the Chest SIG & protocols to be prioritised
  3. Any Other Business



Heshan Panditaratne, Adrian Hood, Mark Kon, Phillip Marjoram, Bobby Bhartia, Nal Panditaratne, Lisa Field, Lisa Leatham, Scott Raine, Joanna Housley, Debra Punshon


  • To upload finalised protocols to YIC website

Discussion Points

  • Finalised the minimum imaging protocols for HRCT, CT Thorax/abdo, CTPA and Low dose Nodule. The outcomes from the protocol meeting were discussed
  • Dr H Panditaratne has expressed his intention to step down as Chest SIG chair and has asked for anyone interested to let the YIC team know. * Dr Bhartia mentioned a Chest journal monthly meeting that he has organised, the next one is due to take place on 06/10 @ 12.30. If anyone is interested, please contact Dr Bhartia direct or via the YIC team and we can arrange for you to be added to the distribution list.
  • Dr Bhartia talked about Leeds re starting their self-referral CXR service for the public. It is being done (post lockdown) in a non Leeds specific manner and the resources for this can be made available for any of the YIC institutions that might also want to try this out. Contact Bobby direct or via the YIC team
  • Lisa Field talked about trialling a portable X-ray machine in the community in partnership with Fuji. Dr Bhartia mentioned that LTHT are also looking at this.

Any Other Business

Dear Chest SIG member

Just to confirm that I am standing down as chair. The role has been very enjoyable and what the Chest SIG did during covid was felt to be useful. The Chest SIG has taken steps towards Radiographer reporting standards and has come together to create a minimum CT dataset for most of the chest imaging.

Soon the insourced reporting will start and new issues will be raised both with insourcing and other chest related issues.

I would recommend you all consider putting yourselves up for chest SIG lead. Although it doesn’t attract any formal PA / sessions work, the role is as strong or as light as you want it. The main role would be to take chest imaging in the YIC forward  - being the spokes person for chest imaging specialists in the region.

Please let myself know or any of the YIC management team.