Abdomen + Pelvis


Typical Indications

  • Acute abdominal pain, suspected perforation or obstruction
  • Acute small or large bowel obstruction for conformation and assessment of level
  • Abdominal sepsis, pyrexia of unknown origin (PUO)
  • Acute pancreatitis (best imaged after 6-10 days for assessing complication)
  • Staging of ovarian cancer
  • Follow up of ovarian cancer to assess response to treatment


Weight based contrast @ 3ml/s

Timing + Field of View (FOV)

(If not using Bolus tracking timings are in brackets)

Bolus tracked on Descending Aorta 45s

Portal venous Abdomen + Pelvis (70s)

FOV - Diaphragm to symphysis pubis

Suggested MPR

Axial 3mm

Coronal 3mm soft tissue


AP - ORAL + IV- GIST recurrence

  1. Oral 1000mls 3% contrast over 60mins
  2. Weight based contrast @ 3ml/s

Timings, FOV & suggested MPR are the same

AP- ORAL - Abdominal wall reconstruction/planning of abdominal wall repair. Patients with CI or IV contrast allergy

Oral 3% contrast over 60mins

Timings, FOV & suggested MPR are the same

AP + Groins - staging penile cancer

FOV - Diaphragm to below groins (including penis)

Timings and suggested MPR are the same

AP - NO IV NO ORAL - Contrast allergy or CI to contrast

Non Contrast Abdomen and Pelvis

FOV and suggeste MPR are the samed

Author: Damian Tolan & Oliver Hough
Page last reviewed: 14th December 2022
Next review due: 14th December 2022