Musculoskeletal (MSK) radiology is a large subspecialism of general radiology concerning the diagnostic imaging of bones, joints, ligaments and tendons as well as skeletal manifestations of other diseases. It also encompasses a wide gamut of interventional procedures used predominantly to reduce inflammation, pain and increase function. MSK is sufficiently large to contain a number of sub-interests in its own right represented within this group.

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Daniel Fascia
Kay Hibbert
Paul Robson
Karen Wainford
Amy Richards
Lisa Field
Keiley Somers
Neal Larkman
Martin Hampshire
Amit Bharath
Guy Porter
Gillian Barber
Christian Chew
Cass Chisholm
Rachel Hunter
Nikhil Bhuskute
Jon Sharpe
Joanna Bates
Chaitanya Gupta
Hermant Pandit
James Rankine
Philip Robinson
Philip O'Connor
Dominic Barron
Katy Liddle
Emma Rowbotham
Harun Gupta
Richard Fawcett
Bill Pass
Pankaj Nagtode
Conor Jordan
Joseph Alex
Anthony Smith
Scott Raine
Walter Mudzvova
Verne Cranston
Charlotte Davies
John Ferrier
Conrad Nel
David Howarth
Andrew Snoddon
Ayano Tachibana
Nikesh Menon
Richard Robinson
Nick Spencer
James Baren
Muthusamy Chandramohan
Roopa Naveen
Roger Rushambuza
Moomal Haris
Margaret Lowe
Jo Sharratt


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