Guide for Reporters

So you want to do some insource reporting for Yorkshire Imaging Collaborative?

How it works

Much like a private outsourcing company (think Medica, Everlight, Hexarad, 4Ways, TMC etc), YIC Insourcing Network (YICIN) offers skilled reporters a way to undertake additional, non-contractual work outside of their usual working hours. Since we are an NHS based organisation there are a few differences which make YICIN an exiting opportunity.

No strings, home workstation provided without minimum reporting numbers and monthly quotas. It can also be used to enhance your contractual work for remote-working, on-call and remote supervision and administrative work.

Transparent Regional Tariff System so you know what you will be paid for each study. You will also receive a monthly remittance statement showing your itemised work.

Simple to join by completing our online application process. Open to all consultants already working for a partner Trust.

Great tech meaning that you have access to a patient’s entire LifeTimeline of prior imaging via our Cloud Index. We use Intelerad PACS with M-modal voice recognition.

Robust Governance we’ve got you covered - you don’t need to take out additional private medical indemnity cover. We also run a regional REALM with regular remote learning meetings to boost your CPD.

How to join

Insource Reporting is available to all consultant radiologists (radiographers to come) across YIC who are already affiliated with a member Trust. You will need to

  • Inform your clinical director you intend to work for YICIN
  • Complete an online digital application
  • Let us know what you are an expert at and wish to report

Applications are not currently open as we are in a pilot phase of launch

Getting Paid

For each study you report, you will be remunerated on a fee per service basis. Prices are in accordance with our regularly updated and competitively priced Regional Tariff System.

When you log into the YIC PACS you will be asked whether you are carrying out

  • Contracual Work - Part of your regular job plan schedule activity
  • Non Contractual Work - Additional work remunerated fee per service

It is very important that you carefully select and check the basis of work before starting a reporting session. We will only count and remunerate non-contractual work. An innacurately reported basis for work resulting in double remuneration may be the subject of disciplinary proceedings. If you think this has happened accidentally, you must report this to us as promptly as possible.

Each month your non-contractual work will be automatically metered and you will receive a monthly remittance notice detailing the items of work, individual item value and total remittance value for that month. YIC will automatically process this work through your nominated Trust payroll so that you receive the payment as part of your next arising PAYE salary run.

We acknowledge that occasional corrections may be required and will endeavour to make those available for the next monthly pay run. Payments may rise or decline subject to adjustments due to corrections.

Method of Payment

Currently we are only able to pay reporters who are affiliated to a Trust Payroll via a PAYE salary run.

What should I be reporting?

You should report the studies that you said you would when you signed up using our digital application. When you do so, we will verify your skillset with your clinical director who is also part of the signup process. This is to assure Trusts and Patients that their studies are being reported by a suitably qualified expert.

  1. Choose work which you report to a high standard
  2. Cherry pick work so that you carry it out to the highest standard in reasonable time
  3. If work is inappropriately assigned to you, return it for the right person to report
  4. Make sure you issue Critical Alerts where appropriate and indicated


You do not need to take out additional medical indemnity insurance to cover work carried out for Trusts through YICIN. You are indemnified under NHS indemnity for that work.

If a significant event or learning event arises and is attached to an item of work you carried out, you may be required to provide supplementary information to the Trust who hold the Duty of Care for that patient. The YIC team will provide liaison to assist in this process between Trusts and Reporters.

Cases requiring a Duty of Candour investigation are investigated by the Trust who hold Duty of Care for the linked patient care episode. You may be required to partcipate in the provision of information for that process.

We encourage the submission of learning events to our Regional Radiology and Events Learning Meeting (R-REALM). You will be rewarded with CPD/CME points for both submitting a case and also attending a meeting.

As part of our governance processes we also ask reporters to make sure that they are a member of the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) associated with their nominated areas of reporting practice. This is a way of ensuring that our reporters are participating members of the professional community around their subject matter, that they can receive important updates relating to their topic matter. We also use SIGs as a way to alert reporters of prioritised areas of reporting.

Author: Dr Daniel Fascia
Page last reviewed: 15th November 2022
Next review due: 10th November 2023